"Y no habrá un día, en el que no extrañe tú sonrisa."
— Malefica (via la-vida-me-odia)
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My favorite villain ♡

"Thatd be the luckiest kid in the world"

"You know he wants kids. Can you imagine Spence as a dad?"
“That’d be the luckiest kid in the world.”
“No doubt."

JJ and Blake in Criminal Minds 9x24 “Demons”

Best line. Hands down.

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"I can’t hear except for my heart feels like it’s gonna come out. Can that happen? Physically, can your heart burst out of your chest? And what is this ringing? My ears don’t pop for like a week after I fly, and if this is like that - that’s gonna drive me bonkers. Am I yelling? Cos it feels like I might be yelling.”

Bye, Alex.

… Bye, Alex.  

eyes on me, eyes on me.

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!